This collection was carefully composed, and its words were mindfully chosen to be presented with love to the children of the world… for a bigger heart, an open mind, and a healthy soul… for a better world.

(We were born to work with passion and feel satisfaction)

I witnessed the experience of war that hurt my soul and is rooted in my memory, and I didn’t know at that time if this world was worthy of love?  Do people naturally like to help?  Or do they like to cause harm to others?  I became trapped in those ideas for many years, and if it was not for love planted by my parents in my heart and the many trips in the motherland and my discovery of the ability of God, I would not be able to open my mind and realize that change begins inside the person himself and that the best person to lead such change is you, Mother (Mother is a school If prepared well, you guarantee a well-prepared nation).

ِAuthor: Helda Amro – Edited by: Rama Ayad


When Children Talk Reflections on each mother that aid her setting her goals and have the opinion of her soul to teach her child to achieve balance between his needs and the needs of society, of which she is a big part in the view of her child. I encourage every mother to listen to it because of its significance to the child’s psyche to ensure our children are physically and emotionally healthy.


A child can even suffer from anxiety and stress; therefore, at Ask Helda, we have developed a meditation program to help a mother identify the symptom and provide the required support through meditation. This exercise will help the listener learn self-awareness, attention and self-management skills.

According to studies, meditation increases the brain’s functionality. Therefore, if you are planning to teach your kid meditation, then teach them the best decision-making at an early age.

If you want to improve the behavior and attention of your kid without counseling them, then you should download the meditation program; it has shown promising results in the case of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression and anxiety. Once you being a mother, introduce this type of self-awareness program to your ward, you will experience improvement in their school performance and eating disorders. For so many benefits, you will be asked to pay a minimal fee that you can easily afford.