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I am Helda, a Montessori system educational expert.

Montessori is a system based on self-directed activities, cooperative play and practical learning. It respects a child’s age and gives freedom to discover the world that is limited by safety rules and limits.

The British system relies on specific activities and class lessons. I also have got (quantitative methods in social science) degree from the University of Amsterdam, and I am making every effort to obtain a certificate to practice therapeutic play from Britain, which is concerned with treating children for some psychological challenges through play.

Throughout my experience and studies in the field of child development and my work as a teacher, I noticed that home is the foundation, and that pedagogy precedes education.

Helda Amro

we meditate

Believing that the child builds his reality by becoming acquainted with the globe through which he discovers himself and his abilities, and nurtures the consciousness that reflects on his future work and production, we worked on a set of meditative audio recordings called (because I was created on the planet) which promote the concepts of and respect for the globe. The most important recordings include working quietly, friend, mother, without the planet Earth, where is my soul, what the earth grows, and who I am without the earth, and they can be listened to after the enjoyable night talk that brings mother together with the child.

we listen

Believing in Arabic and believing that it reflects our identity and sometimes even owns it, we have provided audio recordings of stories in line with the philosophy of Montessori “Cosmic Education” and the latest stories published by the Library of Lebanon. These recordings are a prelude to the child’s learning the Arabic language and offer in a very pleasant way interesting concepts and terms to children.


we coach

Workshops in Arabic for parents that will help understand and support your child’s development and provide the appropriate environment. These workshops include Montessori philosophy and how to develop the child by respecting his basic requirements, age and characteristics, how to face challenges, the theory of emotional attachment and its impact at old age, Freud’s theory of personality development, virtues, and psycho- social theory for Eric Ericsson.


Articles section tackles children and family, including praying and several articles that I will share with you.


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Montessori Method is an effective method of teaching based on self-directed activity, collaborative play and hands-on learning. In Montessori courses, children, as well as kids, make effective choices of learning. On the other hand, the classroom teacher will provide an age-appropriate activity guide to the process.

The ultimate goal of our Montessori workshops in Arabic for parents is to help them understand how they can contribute to their child’s development and provide them with the best surrounding for growth. In these workshops, we teach parents about the Montessori Philosophy and how to respect the children’s basic needs according to their characteristics, age and stage of growth. Through these workshops, you can remain prepared for the foreseen difficulties.

In traditional classrooms, the kid’s involvement in the course is nil; that’s why some kids are pulled to one edge while others remain at the other. On the other hand, the Montessori workshop help in learning pedagogical skill in modern education, which help in building an internal sense of motivation and purpose.