Workshops in Arabic for parents that will help understand and support your child’s development and provide the appropriate environment. These workshops include Montessori philosophy and how to develop the child by respecting his basic requirements, age and characteristics, how to face challenges, the theory of emotional attachment and its impact at old age, Freud’s theory of personality development, virtues, and psycho- social theory for Eric Ericsson

As we explained in an article (I will become a mother) The mother needs a work map to be armed with the basics and theories of psychology that will give you confidence in yourself and the development of your maternal skills, which reflects positively on your life and the development of your child, as it is the society that paves the way for the child to the basics of development and to acquire skills and qualities that are difficult to acquire later.

The workshops include a file to measure the development of the child, and they examine the scientific theories of:


Dr. Maria Montessori

The characteristics of the spongy mind and the subconscious mind and their influence on the development of the child.

The seven sensitive stages in the first years of a child’s life. The prepared environment and its impact on the development of the child, as examples of providing information to the child in the four regions of the Montessori curriculum.


Eric Erickson

Psychosocial Theory How a Child is affected by the Society / Environment Around Him, What It Gains At Any Age.



Psychoseual theory every year the child resolves an internal conflict and the environment needs to be understanding these conflicts in order to reach a balanced path.


John Bulby

Does my child love me because I am his mother? Or because I feed him? When can I return to work? What is its impact on my child’s psychological state? How do I distinguish between crying pain and crying hunger. Breastfeeding and its psychological impact on the child, the emotional connection, its types and its impact on the marital and emotional relationship of man and the five languages of love.



The mental abilities of the child at every age.



How the child learns and what the environment affects him.


The workshop consists of 18 hours divided into three hours, two days a week for three weeks.


Who can attend?

  • Every mother or nanny/educator.
  • Pregnant Ladies.
  • Nursery teachers.
  • Workers in child care.


The content in all worksheets in English and the explanation will be in Arabic and English.



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